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As the temperature dropping, I can’t help craving for some darker, saturated colors in outfits. This season, with the continuing fave of skinny jeans, I think it would be perfect to put together an equestrian inspired outfits for your child.

Key ingredients:

  • Flat knee boots in black or brown. If you want to do some variations, alter heel style (try a wedge heel), color (maybe dark pink?) and texture (try patent, or suede) and embellishment (tassels). But just keep in mind, the more you stray from the basic, the less outfits you will find the boots can match.
  • Skinny pants. They can be in stretchy denim fabric, or ponte knit, or cotton with spandex.
  • A blazer. I love a classic check wool blazer, but for the little ones, it might be a bit hard to take care of. So you can opt for a blazer in cotton knit, it will combine the style and comfort and perfect for little ones.
  • A dress shirt. I love the look when the little ones dress up in dress shirts. Kids nowadays tend to be in cotton T-shirts a lot, so to dress them in dress shirts is a great update to their daily look.
  • A turtleneck top. As an alternative to the dress shirt, you can also do a turtleneck. Be it a cotton top or wool sweater, this will go great with the blazer.
  • A vest. Believe it or not, a vest can be a very versatile piece, the child can wear it on its own over a shirt or under a blazer. It provides extra warmth and adds visual interest to an outfits.

Optional accessories:

  • A wool hat. Some kids love hats, some hate them. You have to see if you little one is open to the idea. A felted wool hat is so darling on a girl and can well be the “icing on the top”.
  • A pair of leather gloves. Are we going to far now?…

Click the Link below to see our fashion magazine.

Children Equestrian Style Ingredients




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