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I came across an article by Jeff Haden today titled The First American Woman to Win the NYC Marathon in 40 Years Needed Just 3 Words to Reveal the Secret to Success. When I first read the title, I challenged myself to guess the 3 words. Is it”Never give up”? Or “Don’t ever stop”? Or “Have the courage”? As it turns out, the three words are “Patient” and “Hard Work”.

I have started to appreciate the power of patience greatly in recent days. If there is one word to describe me, it would be “impatient”. If I want something, I have to have it and I want it NOW. If I can’t have it NOW and if it requires too much work, forget about it. I will move on to work on the next item and cross the last one from the list. What I lacked was the “stick-to-it-ness”.

When life is rosy and easy, I coast along, when it gets harder and more serious, I break at a certain point and want to flee from it. Along the way, I don’t even own that fact and then come up with all the excuses for myself for why I can’t take the challenges. But there was a moment in my life, when what’s at stake is serious and important enough for me, I finally woke up to see how I was trying to avoid my challenges. I crashed, and then picked up the pieces and decided to embrace the challenges.

As I passed that stage, I felt stronger, wiser and more grown. I felt confident, that I will be OK, I will be happy and I will be successful. And no one could shake that belief.

When you find your core and learn to be patient and not afraid of hard work, then you start to radiate love. “Love is patient, love is kind”. When I become patient, I become a kind and loving mother to my children, who is willing to spend 30 minutes to a temper tantrum with a silent stand by and gazing at my daughter with gentleness. When I become patient, the mundane work doesn’t seem so boring and it becomes meaningful. When I am patient, a flaw in another person is not the reason to ridicule but just a flaw you believe that it can be corrected given time and will. When I am patient, I know it is OK if I can’t get to a certain result right away, and it is OK to keep on trying.

Here is a quote from Pele “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Here is one of my favorite songs from Harry Belafonte, We Are the Wave, it says “Patience gentlemen, we move closer every day. Patience gentlemen, the stone will soon give way. Patience gentlemen, the flower can grow up through the stone. Patience gentlemen, its a truth that we have always known”.


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