Beating Drab

Fashion, Uncategorized

The other day I was thinking some of my wardrobe pieces were just downright boring and possibly drab, it’s a moment that I was almost questioning myself :“what was I thinking (when I bought these)?” Let me be clear, I am not saying that they are absolutely terrible, it’s just that they have the potential to look really, really bad…:p

For example, the piece I am wearing today- a pair of brown wool houndstooth trousers from one of my favorite stores JCrew. It’s got that British flair, famous Harris Tweed wool from Scotland has its own fascinating history ( I read an article somewhere about these few men’s adventure into Isle of Harris in search of those traditional fabrics). However for a lady to not look old and boring in this is a bit of a challenge. I decided to wear it with a white cotton jersey knit shirt and a navy horizontal stripe vest from Banana Republic. I tried to keep the menswear inspiration intact while still looking feminine and sweet. In the end I feel that this outfit reminds me of Rachel in the Friends, which I am currently watching on Netflix. You see how everything in this universe is somehow connected in a weird way?




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