Valentine’s Day In Studio Session

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Another year, kids are growing so fast. This year for Valentine’s Day we stayed in my home studio and used a white mansion wall background. We stick to the classic red, creme and black color scheme. We also used a small pink stripe background adorned with frames design. The girls had a blast, eating gummy bears and doing photo bombs and all…



Valentine’s Sweethearts

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This year we did a little retro themed valentine photo shoot with the kids. I had to “bribe” them with m&ms in cute heart container.  Juliette looks so cute with those sunglasses she put on upside down.

Pregnancy Photo Journals

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When I was pregnant with my fourth baby girl in 2014, my older daughters helped me update a black board with our progress. Then my husband took pictures of me standing beside the black board, it was a wonderful way to keep those sweet memories of anticipating the new baby. I was struggling to find fashionable outfits that are made for pregnant ladies. Because the nature of maternity clothing of being temporary, I didn’t want to spend a ton on those clothes that I will wear for a short while. Anyhow, I managed to pull through.

Below I want to share with you my pregnancy journey. Really sweet memories…

Santa Babies

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Well, to say that I have been a bit negligent of my blog is an understatement. Among all the other things, our family has been steadily growing and now include four beautiful girls. Bella studio has not been open to public and we have just been doing sessions with our own daughters.

This past December, we looked at the canvas collage on the wall of Isabella in a Santa Baby themed setting. We decided to recreate the same session with all the girls in it for Christmas. There you have it, the new Santa Babies!