Seaside Treasure Session Pictures


Thanks to all the little models and their parents, our seaside treasure sessions was a success. I have selected a few to put on here.

Again the All the themed sessions are $45 session fee +$45 minimum package which includes 2 units of prints. Right now we are doing a big round of modeling sessions of our themed sessions where the session fee is free and you will get a free 5×7 gift portraits given you sign the model release to allow us to use the images for publications and competitions.

Our upcoming modeling session is Country Cowboy/Girl session on Friday June 26th. Your little boy/girl will put on cowboy chaps and skirts and play on the hay. It is really fun. Please call 7405910758 to schedule the time.

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Seaside Treasure Modeling Call


We are planning to do some modeling sessions for Seaside Treasure Limited Edition Sessions next Friday June 12th. Little models of age 1-6 are needed for these sessions. You get a free session and a free 5×7 gift portrait which together is $60 value. You need to be the legal guardian of the children and have to sign a model release to allow us to use these images for advertisement or competitions.

If you are interested in bringing your little models please call (740)591-0758 to make the appointment. The spots are limited. Thanks!

Update: We have all the available spots filled out already. But we will have future modeling sessions very soon. Get detailed info from Thursday’s Athens News of coming weeks. Thanks for your interest!

One year old and 3 month old on a Saturday


Today is a busy day, we have two children coming in to have their portraits taken this morning.

The first folk is celebrating his first year birthday. He was here with his mom and grandma, they also bought in some cute things that he received for his birthday gifts. Such as  a rocking chair. At first he was a little intimidated by all the equipments but soon got used to it.

The second family had a precious 3 month old girl. Her dad is my husband’s coworker and he and his wife had come in for her pregnancy session before. This girl was a little tired and would not let us take any more pictures after waking up from a short nap! Good thing we got some really nice ones before she got too tired.





Last week I worked with Andrea who is a sweet, gorgeous and smart college senior for senior portrait. Her mom and my daughter went along to help with the session. She did not have much time before the class so we strolled through campus to find some spots to take pictures. It was fun!



Princess Session Coming soon


I can’t wait but I have to because some gorgeous princess couture gowns are being custom made and coming to Bella Studio!

Here is what the princess session is going to look like. Of course with more selections of couture gowns.



Stay tuned for the exact session time and possible model calls for the gowns!

Sweet baby


I had a baby girl of 8 month old coming to our studio with her mom last week. She was so easy going!

We put several changes of clothes on her and she did not seem to mind at all.

Here are some pictures from the session.edit-3460edit-3449