Santa Babies

Photography, Studio

Well, to say that I have been a bit negligent of my blog is an understatement. Among all the other things, our family has been steadily growing and now include four beautiful girls. Bella studio has not been open to public and we have just been doing sessions with our own daughters.

This past December, we looked at the canvas collage on the wall of Isabella in a Santa Baby themed setting. We decided to recreate the same session with all the girls in it for Christmas. There you have it, the new Santa Babies!


Gap Kids Casting Call


The annual Gap kids casting call has started this year already. Every family gets 5 entries. For so many of customers who have gorgeous kids, I urge you to enter your kids. It’s free and fun, ultimately you might get a professional photoshoot from Gap and some college fund. For our customers who have purchased digital files, please feel free to use those files, you have our permission to use them to enter this contest. Good luck!